Flying Solo contemporary women’s fiction romance love dating

  • “…Lauren De Lannier’s thoughtful writing elevates the novel to a sophisticated yet frank look at life through the lens of love. Her refreshingly honest account of the evolution of love is a delight.”
    —Kirkus Reviews
  • “Are you a sucker for second or third chances? If so, this book is full of romantic catnip for you.
  • Flying Solo whispers, then shouts and seduces about mature relationships that work and those that never should have been, all the while smudging the barrier of age.
  • Racy, riveting, and wickedly amorous, it is where fictional
    gets real!”

    —Jae De Wylde, Best Selling Author of The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie
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Meredith is convinced she’s over the hill,
a lipstick smudge of the woman she once was.
A quick glance in the mirror confirms the probability she will never again find love – much less enjoy the tingling excitement of a casual affair. First, however, she must deal with her husband.

London, 6:00am – Life is perfect, or so Meredith believes. One hour later, her world changes forever when her husband, a prominent businessman, is arrested.

Shattered by the indignity of the scandal splashed across the tabloids “High-Flying City Financier Accused of Money Laundering” and the stripping of family assets, Meredith is left to pick up the pieces. Gifted a coffin for her first husband and a set of handcuffs for the second, she knows the marriage gods have it in for her.

When the haze of “what could have been – “what should have been” finally lifts, she uses all the tools at her disposal, lawyers, friends, and the Internet, to recover what is left of her life.

Determined not to remain on the sidelines forever, Meredith dreams of one last tingling affair. Suitors loop in and out of her heart leaving a trail of disappointment from London to Seville to Burgundy until a trans-Atlantic longshot contacts her offering a golden opportunity if she’s willing to compromise her morals. Third chances don’t come cheap!

Flying Solo is a human story. Possibly yours?